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June 25, 2018

About Todos Santos

It’s been designated a “Puelo Magico”, or Magic Town  by the Mexican Government and rightly so!  Situated on the Tropic of Cancer, Todos Santos exudes an energy and charm that is impossible to ignore! If you catch the vibe, you want to come back again and again!! It is midway between Cabo San Lucas to the South, a resort destination, and LaPaz, the capital of Baja Sur Califiornia, Mexic, on the Sea of Cortez to the North. It’s a small town of about 6000 permanent residents which swells to double that during “the season”, those months between November and April.

Todos Santos can fool you!

Think of desert and the mind is filled with images of sagebrush and cactus. Yes, there’s both here as is proper for a desert, and when the desert cactus bloom it’s a breathtaking site! But our Pueblo Magico is an oasis in the desert, a subtropical micro climate. With views of the Sierra Laguna mountain range it also sits at the edge of the Pacific Ocean where the surf crashes so loudly one can hear it pound the shores at night. The foliage is lush, an abundance of tropical vegetation with cultivated fields of basil, chiles and tomatoes. Palm trees sway under blue skies, and the bougainvillea bloom in profusion.

Truly, a Magic Town!

The population is varied. There are as many different kinds of people here as shells on the beach. It’s a tranquil place to be, whether you live here full time or simply enjoy the pleasures of being a visitor. It’s also a friendly place, where a “good morning” smile or “hola” await you from almost everyone you pass. There are miles of sandy beach’s, almost uninhabited by others, where one can be alone, and ocean cliff trails which can provide solitude when needed. Experiences of every kind are available for your pleasure, be it fishing, horseback rides on the beach or up the mountain trails, surfing or just frolicking in the waters of the Pacific.

If culture and social interaction is what you desire , there are a myriad of festivals and events throughout the year which draw visitors from all around the world. For foodies, there’s Gastrovino, the Baja Food and Wine Festival usually held in March. There’s the yearly Film Festival and the very popular Music Festival which draws internationally know musicians to play for your listening pleasure. Art Galleries are profuse, with diversity of style to satisfy the eye of every beholder, and a wide selection of restaurants to satisfy every palate. And yes, you can shop ’til you drop!

There’s much to see and much to do in Todos Santos. We welcome you!!

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